Open Up Your Curious Minds

youtube art thumbBack in high school, reading in English has always been a nightmare to me. Despite I had always loved reading, I found myself constantly staring blankly at the book pages,   and cannot take a single word in.

The reason was simple, my English vocabulary was very limited, and it is time consuming to look up almost every single words. Soon, I lost all the interest in reading.

Then it comes to a point where I was given no choice but to read.

The whole year before my finals, I was waking up at 6  every morning and read an entire hour of book before going to school. To think back, it was a very fulfilling year, and I’ve achieved a good grade for my school work because of this.

Here comes how reading helps to improve your second language. For instance, it opens up ones mind to how language is being presented differently from one culture to another. On the other hand, it also helps to build a strong vocabulary list before you even aware.

This lead to the purpose of this blog: to make Chinese readings appealing to you. 

I know reading in a different language is hard, especially is in an entire different alphabetical system. That is why I want to break the paragraph down into sentence, and sentence down into words, words down into characters, to help you understand this complicated, yet intriguing language system.

Here, I have concluded into bully points several factors that encourages you to read:

  1.  The content is interesting, which brought out your curiosity.
  2.  The content is useful, and you are able to acquire information/knowledge from it.
  3.  The content is relatively easy to understand,  yet requires a degree of  self-research so that it sticks in your head.

Based on the above factors, will introduce to you cultural relevant topics in my blog posts, to help you gain an insight of Chinese culture. I will also deliver short stories to you in the most simple, plain Chinese, with both Pinyin and English translation as references. Videos and vocabulary cards are designed and provided to improve your language learning experience, and extend your knowledge.  Lastly, an important homework to you! Please actively do the research to find out more about each topics that we’ve come across, and come back to share your researches with me.

On top of that, check out my Youtube Channel for up-to-date FREE Chinese language resources. 

Happy learning  :D!