Sea worn Jelly (Weird Tasty Chinese food)


Hello guys, this is the sea worm jelly I was talking about in my recent video ‘a tourist guide to Xiamen, China’, one of the local specialities in our city. In China, we call it ‘土笋冻 (Tǔ sǔn dòng).

The full name of this type of sea worn is ‘Phascolosoma esculenta’, their body contains some kind of sticky liquid. After boiling them in the water for a while, the glue-ish liquid came out of their body and mixing with the water. We then leave it in the cooler until it turns into jelly.

Despite the idea of eating sea worn might sound a bit mad, they are actually super delicious, and it is a ‘MUST-TRY’ if you’ve ever get a chance to visit Xiamen.

The best way to  eat this is with condiments such as Wasabi, soy sauce, garlic, vinegar and spicy sauce to add even more flavour to it.

There are also stories about the origin of this dish, one of them is related to this great General called 郑成功 Koxinga / Zhèng Chéng Gōng :

During the war, there was a period time when the army  was really lack of food supply. However,  because 郑成功 is a person with great integrity, he refuses to receive donation from the public. Instead, his soldiers would go around the seaside, searching for lots of sea worns, and cook them into soup.

But because 郑成功 was always so dedicated to his work, he often forgot to drink the soup, and the soldiers end up having to warn it up for him. 郑成功 doesn’t want his soldiers to warn up the soup for him, he would instead just drink the already cold down, jelly-like soup. Surprisingly, it taste great! Thus, the sea worm dish became more and more popular in 闽 南 Mǐn nán area.




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