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雪の花 Snow Flower by Nakashima Mika, Chinese + English Translation

June 6, 2017 chelseabubbly 0

のびた人陰(かげ)を舗道(ほどう)にならべ 人行道上並列排着的是被夕阳拉长的影子 With the elongating shadows lined up on the street 夕闇(ゆうやみ)のなかを君と歩いてる 在傍晚与你并肩走着 Walking together with you in the twigs light 手をつないでいつまでもずっと そばにいれたなら 如果能够这样手牵着手有你在身旁一直到永远, As our […]

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Travel Essentials

March 13, 2017 chelseabubbly 0

Travelling in China can be much more enjoyable saving some lanuguage barriers. Here, Chelsea has selected some essential travel-related words and sentences that can come in […]

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值得 Worth it

December 18, 2016 chelseabubbly 2

  Chinese song of the day! 值得 zhí dé    Worth it singer: 郑秀文 (zhèng xiù wén)   Sammi Cheng Guān yú nǐ hǎo de […]