Let’s Talk about Today’s Weather



If you want to talk about today’s weather, you can describe whether it is good or bad by using below sentence structure:

jīntiān tiānqì hěn 

今天天气很 + adj

         jīntiān tiānqì hěn hǎo

  • 今天天气很好    

          The weather is good today

jīntiān tiānqì búshì hěn hǎo

  • 今天天气不是很好 

    The weather is not very good today.

jīntiān tiānqì hěn bù hǎo

  • 今天天气很不好

 The weather is not good at all today. 

jīntiān tiānqì hěn zāo

  • 今天天气很糟

    The weather is terrible today. 

You can also talk about what exactly the weather is like:

Jīntiān guā fēng


It’s windy today

jīntiān xià yǔ


It’s raining today

jīntiān xià xuě


It’s snowing today

jīntiān chū tàiyáng


It’s sunny today

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