Give Instructions to People When in the House

Ever want to ask someone to do you a favor when in the house? Learn some practical phrases with Chelsea so you will have no problem ordering people around when in the house (make sure don’t use it too often though, it might not give others a very good impression after all… *friendly advice*…)

To ask someone to close the door for you:

qǐng bǎ mén guān shàng
请把门关上              Please close the door 


qǐng guān mén
请关门                Please close the door

The word 关门 can also be used in other situations:

diàn guān mén le
店关门了  Shops are closed

guān mén dà jí
关门大吉   idiom, meaning running out of business, (shop) closed down

To ask someone to open the door for you:

qǐng bǎ mén dǎ kāi
请把门打开     Please open the door
qǐng kāi mén
请开门    Please open the door

Similarly, with the window:

qǐng kāi chuāng
请 开 窗  Please open the window

qǐng bǎ chuāng dǎ kāi
请把窗打开  please open the window

If you would like to invite someone to cook a meal with you:

yī qǐ lái zuò fàn ba
一起来做饭吧!Let’s cook a meal together!

Time to ask your guests to sit down and relax for… 5 minutes maybe? Before you start ordering them around again teehee:

qǐng zuò
请坐  Please sit down. 

If you are feeling cold:

wǒ yǒu diǎn lěng kě yǐ kāi nuǎn qì ma

I am a little bit cold, is it okay to turn the heating on?

wǒ yǒu diǎn lěng kě yǐ bǎ wēn dù tiáo gāo ma

I am a little bit cold, is it okay to turn the temperature higher?

Lastly, I hope you have a lovely time practicing Chinese with friends or families in the house!

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