Why should you learn the language by memorising phrases?

Phrases are basically short sentences formed by words and constructed by some sort of irregular sentence structures. So why shall you memorise phrases while you might as well spend all these time learning vocabulary and sentence structures?

Well, Chinese language works very differently from most of the other languages in the world, how you express something in English may not be the same case in Chinese. For instance, in English you greet someone with ‘how have you been’, but in Chinese we say 吃饭了吗 Chī fàn le ma(Have you eaten yet). If you are only learning the vocabulary and sentence structures, you will only go so far as being proficient in the academic side of the language.

By memorising phrases, you get to know how the language works in the relative cultural background, and you are no longer limited to studying what is being taught by the textbook, but rather things people would actually say in real life. 

Moreover, as mentioned before, different culture may have different ways to describe the exact same thing. How you say things in one language, might not necessarily be translatable to another language. However, by proactively learning the phrases you can actually see what these differences are, and that is why memorising phrases seem to be one of the most effective method to get into the mind-set of the Chinese, or any of the language and culture.

Lastly, phrases are much more fun to learn. Some of them are hilarious when translated into other language, for example if you want to motivate someone in Chinese you say 加油 Jiā yóu, but to translated it literally into English, it would be ‘to add oil’, which does not make any sense at all. You can even keep yourself entertained by mimicking the native accent. Learning a language is very difficult, so whenever you can make the process fun and enjoyable, it is definitely worth a go.

Because of all the above reasons, Chelsea has hand-picked 100 Chinese phrases and Slang to help you succeeding in getting into the mind-set of this crazy fun Far-east Asian language.


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