3 Popular Chinese Internet Slang


In today’s post, let’s get a little taste of Chinese internet slang in recent years:

  1. 屌丝 diǎo sī

Can be used to describe a person who is super ordinary, does not have money, not particularly good looking, not even smart… or to summarise it in one word —-‘basic’. 

We call female version of the 屌丝 女屌丝 nǚ diǎo sī。 女 means female.

and, male version of the 屌丝男屌丝 nán diǎo sī。 男 male.

Opposite to 屌丝, there are,

2. 白富美  bái fù měi

White, rich, beautiful

In China, people see ‘white’ as attractive skin colour, and all the girls are obsessed with skin whitening products, just like how people are obsessed with tanning products in the west. 

3. 高富帅 gāo fù shuài

tall, rich, handsome, good looking

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