Politics-Related Chinese Words

No matter your future career prospect is to do with getting into the Chinese business world, or directly involved with politics in China, having some political knowledge and pick up some useful politics-related Chinese vocab, will definitely help you to achieve career success in China.

Here are a few important political terms,

Zhèng zhì

政治  politics

Different parties:

Láo gōng dǎng             Bǎo shǒu dǎng

劳工党  Labour party   保守党    Conservative party

Gòng chǎn dǎng

共产党 Communist party

Guó mín dǎng

国民党  Chinese nationalist party

Lǜ dǎng

绿党   Green party

Zì yóu mín zhǔ dǎng

自由民主党 Liberal Democratic

Mín zhǔ dǎng

民主党 Democratic party

How leaders are being called in different countries:

Zǒng tǒng               zhǔ xí

总统  President      主席  Chairman

Shǒu xiàng

首相 Prime minister

Other political terms:

Gōng huì

工会  Trade unions

Xià yì yuàn

下议院 House of Commons

Yī guó liǎng zhì

一国两制  ‘one country, two systems’

Ài guó zhǔ yì jīng shén

爱国主义精神   patriotism

Guó huì

国会  Congress


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