Chinese Vocab for Instruments

Hello all, here are some Chinese vocab for instruments. If you are a music lover, and would like to find an instrument to play when you are in China;or simply just want to see a performance you love; or to tell people what instrument(s) you play…for whatever reason it is, this is your ultimate guide of instruments vocab in Chinese.

Chinese Instruments:


Pí pa                        èr hú

琵琶                        二胡           

Chinese lute      Two-string Chinese fiddle

gǔ zhēng

古筝       Zither

Western Instruments:


Gāng qín     diàn zǐ qín

钢琴              电子琴

Piano          Keyboard

shǒu fēng qín   shù qín

手风琴               竖琴

Accordion       Harpe

xiǎo tí qín    dà tí qín

小提琴          大提琴

Violin              Cello  

jí tā           bèi sī

吉他          贝斯

Guitar         Base

gǔ         cháng dí

鼓          长笛

Drum      Flute

Two additional music-related words:

Yīn fú                        yuè pǔ

音符                            乐谱

Musical note       Music  score



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