How to say ‘Sorry to disturb’ in Chinese


Have you ever need to speak to someone when they are in a conversation with someone else, or when they are occupied with something, or even when the other person is not doing anything but you just want to show your politeness? Well, here is the phrase for you in such situation:

Bu hǎo yì si dǎ rǎo yí xià
不好意思,打扰一下            Excuse me, sorry to interrupt

Here are the dialogues of the three example situations mentioned in this video:

dialogue 1


Ā gān, nǐ méi yǒu kàn dào wǒ men de fáng dōng bǎ
阿 甘,你没有看到 我 们 的 房 东 吧,

A Gan, you didn’t see our landlord didn’t you?
wǒ zhè ge yuè méi qián jiāo fáng zū a
我 这 个 月 没 钱 交 房 租 啊。

I still haven’t paid for this month’s rent yet.


Bu hǎo yì si dǎ rǎo yí xià             Nǐ zhè ge yuè de fáng zū hái méi jiǎo ba
不好意思,打扰一下,    Chelsea      你这个月的房租还没缴吧

Excuse me, sorry to interrrupt, Chelsea, you still haven’t paid for this month’s rent, haven’t you?


dialogue 2 

The broke girl:

Bu hǎo yì si dǎ rǎo yí xià

Mr bear, sorry to interrupt, 

Zhè dào shù xué tí wǒ bú huì zuò
这 道 数 学 题 我 不 会 做。

I can’t solve this math problem. 


dialogue 3

The broke girl:

bu hǎo yì si dǎ rǎo yí xià
Chelsea 不好意思,打扰一下,

Chelsea, sorry to disturb you
nǐ de xīn shū shénme shí hòu chū a

When is your new book coming out?


Bié chǎo, děng yí xià

Stop disturbing me, wait for a sec (I am working on it)





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