Five Grammar Points for 就

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  1.    Rú guǒ                                               jiù     如  果 + Statement (+ subj.) +   就    + Result        If…then…e.g.

Rú guǒ jīn tiān xià yǔ, wǒ jiù bù chū mén

如果今天下雨,我就不出门                      If it rains today, I will not go out.

2.          Zhǐ yào                                         jiù

                    只 要 + Condition (+ subj.) +   + Result       As long as…               


Zhǐ yào jīn tiān bú xià yǔ,    wǒ jiù chū mén

只 要今天不下雨,我就出门。  As long as it doesn’t rain today, I will go out. 

3.               jiù

        Subj. + + A few things / a few people      

wǒ jiù yí dòng fáng zi

   我就一栋 房子                  I just have this one house.

4.  jiù   (shì)  

     (是)+ Verb      Only, just …

Wǒ jiù      (shì)    xǐ huān nǐ

我就(是)喜欢你。          I just (can’t help but to) like you.

5. jiù

   。。。 Already (to describe earliness)

Cái gāng lái jiù yào zǒu

才 刚 来就要走。            (Subj.) only just came, and is already about to leave.

Video comparing 才 and 就:


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