How to Reject in Chinese

Here are a few phrases put together by Chelsea  to help you tackle the art of rejection in Chinese:

Remember to always start with 不好意思 bù hǎo yì si Excuse me in order to show politeness.

To reject an invitation or a request for help from someone, the most straightforward answer is:

我很忙 wǒ hěn máng I m very busy 

However, if you want to smooth down your tone, you can say:

我最近真是太忙了 wǒ zuì jìn zhēn shì tài máng le

I have too much going on these few days

The word that is similar to 忙 máng busy is:

没空 méi kòng  don’t have time

我没空 wǒ méi kòng  I don’t have time

Or 有事 yǒu shì occupied with something

我有事 wǒ yǒu shì I am occupied with something

A more tactful way to reject is:

我有点累 wǒ yǒu diǎn lèi

I am a little be tired 

If you would like to emphasise your point, then you say,

wǒ zhēn de shì tài lèi le


I am way too tired!

If the person would not give up trying, and it really get on your neve, you can say:

qí shí nǐ yǒu diǎn fán


Actually you are being a little bit annoying

If he/she is still trying, you say:

nǐ shì yí gè wú liáo de rén


You are such a bore
If you things got worse, and you demand the other person to leave, you say:

qǐng zǒu kāi


Please leave!

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