A little story about the Dragon Boat Festival

Here is the text for my YouTube video post on the Dragon Boat festival:

Qū yuán shì chǔ guó rén


Qu Yuan is from the State of Chu

Tā hěn yǒu cái gàn


He is a very competent person

Dàn shì tā de zhèng zhì xiǎng fǎ  bù bèi rèn 

但     是  他  的     政     治      想       法     不   被   认   可

But others does not approve of his politcal thoughts

Hòu lái chǔ guó wáng le 


Later on, the State of Chu was vanished (being taken over)

Qū yuán jué dé hěn tòng kǔ, jiù tóu jiāng le


Qu Yuan felt very hurtful, so that he throw himself into the river. 

Because Qu Yuan is a highly respectable person, after he died, people does not want his corpse to be eaten by fishes and shrimps, so they made pyramid-shaped dumplings, and throw them into the river to feed fishes and shrimps. This has then extended into a traditional festival called 端午节 duān wǔ jié the Dragon Boat festival. 端午 is the 5th day in Lunar Calendar, which is the day Qu Yuan jumped into the river.

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